Taylor’s response to COVID-19

Answers to Your Questions

Secure Communications/Venture Solutions

Yes. We have been deemed an “essential business” and are allowed to continue operating due to our focus on sensitive communications – even if shelter-in-place requirements are in effect. All of our production facilities are operating right now and jobs are running on time, as usual.

Due to our size, advanced technology and widely dispersed geographic footprint, we have the ability to transfer work between multiple production facilities as needed to meet your delivery dates. This is a key feature of our Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity strategy.

We are not aware of any delays in the postal system at this time. As one of the largest direct mail providers in the nation, USPS employees are co-located at our production facilities and process mail directly into the mail stream from our locations.

If you are a Centra Access subscriber, you have the ability to make many changes of this type directly, without the need for programming assistance from Taylor/Venture Solutions. If you are not a Centra Access subscriber, simply contact your account representative. Our dedicated account management team will work with you to identify the fastest and most cost-effective method of delivering special messages to your customers.

Please contact your account representative to discuss or adjust the priority and timing of your jobs to meet the changing needs of your business.

Yes. As a trusted partner of the nation’s top 10 retail banks, nine of the top 10 insurance companies and more than 1,700 healthcare clients, we participate in panels and forums related to the industries we support. For example, our mortgage industry leads have been on COVID-19-related conference calls hosted by the Mortgage Banking Association. If you are unsure how to proactively address the challenges of COVID-19 for your customers, please contact your account representative. We welcome the opportunity to share what we know and help you plan your path forward.